General Procedures

MISGS Elementary admits students of any economic and social class, racial and ethnic heritage, religious belief and family structure. In order to be considered for Elementary at MISGS a student must have completed kindergarten (TK).








The following is a listing of specific steps in our admission process:


  1. Signify your interest in the school by filling in the school guest book.  Usually in December the school will call you to check whether you want your child assessed for entrance to Sekolah Mentari Elementary. The school then schedules an appointment for testing and interview with the child’s parents.  The test will help determine the child’s readiness for elementary school so a review or any sort of preparation for the test is not needed.  Children interested in entering Sekolah Mentari Elementary must be 6 years old by October 31 in the coming academic year.

  2. Once the child has passed the entrance test, parents may fill in and submit the Registration Form and the Enrollment Contract with the non-refundable Development Fee for six (6) years. 

  3. Pay for the following by June 2019:
    a.    Monthly tuition fee for July 
    b.    Yearbook fee
    c.    Purchase school uniform
    d.    Purchase PE uniform 



For those paying tuition fee per year a 5% discount will apply, for those paying tuition fee per term a 3% discount will apply.


  1. Along with your payment please submit the following :
    a.    Completed Medical Emergency Form (included in the registration folder).
    b.    Photocopy of your child’s birth certificate.
    c.    Photocopy of your child’s Baptismal Certificate (for Catholics).
    d.    Four photos of your child in Sekolah Mentari’s uniform (3x4).

  2. School books and a starter pack of school supplies (i.e. communication book, assignment notebook, school handbook, and notebooks for each subject) will be given out during the first week of school. Once the starter pack is finished the student must buy his/her needed school supplies (they are available in the school office).